Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Omar Pouso: Exclusive Interview

Little is known about former Charlton star Omar Pouso, but I managed to secure a quick interview with him as he prepared to board his plane to Montevideo:

NYA: Omar, Omar....do you have a message for the Charlton fans?

Pouso: Que?

NYA: Tienes un mensaje para los aficionados de Charlton?

Pouso: My English is fine mate, it's your pseudo-American twang I can't understand.

NYA: Awesome. Now Omar, you only left the club a few hours ago and yet already fans are calling you the greatest loan signing since Tom Hovi. What was the highlight of your time at Charlton?

Pouso: Probably that pass in the 44th minute....I feigned to play it four yards to Amdy Faye, but instead knocked it three yards to Darren Ambrose. The fans gave me a standing ovation.

NYA: I think they were getting up to have a half-time pee to be honest.

Pouso: Ah I see, they were 'taking the piss'. I like sarcastic English humour.

NYA: Quite. So what did you learn during your time at Charlton?

Pouso: Avoid the Sun-in-the-Sands roundabout in the mornings.

NYA: Anything else?

Pouso: And in the evenings too.

NYA: You must have been excited when you heard Charlton wanted to sign you. They must have been watching your progress for sometime?

Pouso: No I don't think so. I was on vacation in Punta del Este when a fax arrived at my hotel from a Mr Mills saying, "Great goal at Anfield....let's chat."

NYA: And so he called you?

Pouso: Yes, he was tellng me all about Charlton's midfield problem and how they finally thought they'd found the perfect player, and then he suddenly sprang it on me, "You're the guy we mean, are you up for it?" Unfortunately the phone line was bad and I thought he said, "Uruguay women are up for it."

NYA: You must have been furious.

Pouso: Absolutely, dissing my country's women like that. I've two sisters and a mum....we're very proud people you know. So I told him, "I want fifteen grand per week," else the local press will find out about it, and Charlton's marketing plans in South America will be ruined.

NYA: I guess he had no choice?

Pouso: Correct. And I said, "Oh, and don't expect me to play more than an hour either, and I want to be home by Easter."

NYA: Hence the 57th minute substitution and your sudden departure?

Pouso: That's correct.

NYA: And once you had left, it was inevitable Mills would follow?

Pouso: You got it. His position had become untenable.

NYA: It all makes sense now. Have a safe flight.


At 12:45 PM, Blogger Chicago Addick said...

Excellent. After being in Uruguay - these two will be able to buy Punto del Este.

Although I'm with you on your Dowie reasoning - these two signings are examples of his judgement.

At 12:48 PM, Anonymous newyorkaddick said...

To be fair to Dowie, he didn't sign Sorondo. Alongwith Gibbs (remember him?) he was signed in the twilight period between Curbs leaving and Dowie arriving. Having said that given that Sorondo played for him at Palace, he may have fancied him anyway.


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