Friday, February 17, 2006

New Abuse Images Leaked

New images of systematic abuse at the high-security Sparrows Lane training ground have been published.

Although grainy in parts, the video images clearly show a man who is named only as 'Mr A.C.' dishing out unusual and unwarranted punishment to various players. The images confirm ongoing rumours of such abuse and civil rights campaigners have demanded a full inquiry.

In one image, a player referred to as 'Jason' is seen being thrown a bag of cement, with 'Mr A.C' bellowing, "I BET YOU CAN'T EVEN TRAP THIS!"

A more recent image shows a player referred to only as 'Franny' (or occasionally 'Francis') forced to repeatedly hit a cow's arse with a banjo whilst the other players are seen laughing in a humiliating fashion. A second player, known only as 'Rado' (or occasionally 'Kish') then appears in shot and is seen donating the wounded animal to a local farmer whilst 'Mr A.C.' screams, "I BET IT'S NOT THE LAST TIME YOU'LL GIVE THE BULL AWAY!"

In perhaps the most disturbing images, a skinny blonde-haired wisp of a player known only as 'Dennis' is forced to tie a toy rabbit around his midriff before being chased by a greyhound. Fortunately for 'Dennis', the greyhound soon gives up chase. The camera then pans to a shot of a player called 'Talal' (or possibly 'Halal') who is forced to wear a headless chicken around his neck.

In the most recent image, a player spoken of only as 'Deano' appears to have suffered extensive facial injuries, although photos from several years earlier confirmed he has always looked like that.

Oddly perhaps, 'Mr A.C.' is also seen showing acts of great tenderness and kindness towards certain favourites. One player for example, referred to only as 'Bryan', is seen repeatedly given treats for performing seemingly simple tasks.


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