Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Curbs Cartoon Sparks Outrage

Violent protests have taken place across South-East London after the publication of offensive cartoons depicting Addicks boss Alan Curbishley.

An angry mob of at least six Charlton fans describing themselves as 'Curbists' descended upon the culprit's home to throw rotten fruit, eggs and 5-year season tickets. One protester held up a banner that simply read, "Curbs is right - Bryan Hughes IS quality." Another was more prosaic, "Euell pay for this."

One Curbist, who preferred not to be named, said that any satirical depiction of the great one or criticism directed towards him was hugely offensive. "We're not a big club....transfers are like the housing market....Marcus Bent gives us flexibility....I still rate Kevin Lisbie....we don't give ourselves our chance with that defending....," he added before being handcuffed and detained under the Mental Health Act.

Another Curbist caused great offence by turning up dressed in a Millwall shirt and was immediately returned to prison.


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Very good indeed my friend!

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2-0 halftime vs liverpool! red army!


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