Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Bitter about Murphy

In many transfer situations, one set of fans are made to feel like mugs. The late, late transfer of Danny Murphy to Spurs may be one of those rare occasions where both sets of fans should feel like mugs. For a talented, yet limited player, Murphy doesn't half have some chutzpah.

Although other bloggers have pointed out his hypocrisy, it is worth re-examining in detail, and let's not begin at Charlton but in Liverpool. Upon departing the Scousers who have since clearly missed his contribution, he intelligently pointed out, "...Liverpool have lost some camaraderie with more English players leaving and other players coming in..." "...I wanted to come to a club that was perhaps not so cosmopolitan..."

Yes good point, I did note a distinct lack of cameraderie on that famous night in Istanbul last year. That night when heads dropped at 3-0 down (oh no, sorry that's just your style Danny). And as for cosmopolitan (I assume he was referring to the adjective, and not his wife's reading material), that famous all-English side known as Spurs with that cheeky Eastender Martin Jol in charge should fit his needs a little better now I trust.

It's fair to say that my dislike for Spurs knows few bounds, but if their fans give him the treatment they deserve, their club would go up hugely in my estimations. I suspect they won't forget his comments when he signed for us, nor his baiting of their fans when he scored against them last March. And when they realise that the slowest midfield in the country just got a little slower, and that he only plays for 75 minutes, this move will hopefully mark the beginning of the end of a career of a 'big time Charlie' who never actually hit the big time.

As for Charlton's role in this sorry affair, they come out of it nearly as badly as Murphy. We'll probably never know the reasons for his sudden disappearance from the squad, but we deserve an explanation in light of Curbishley's now ridiculous comments about him. Perhaps if the England job isn't available, Curbs could become Iraq's new 'Comical Ali', the P.R. spokesman without credibility. As Curbs confidently told us all on 21 Jan, "...I'll be glad for Danny's sake when it goes away and it will only go away when the transfer window closes.." "....everyone keeps asking him if he is leaving and I gave him the answer that he's not. It's as simple as that."

The irony of course is that no-one believed Curbs (a bit like Comical Ali infact). Of course a team like Charlton can afford to keep it's best-paid player out of a 16-man squad for vital matches. We've been treated like mugs as much as the Spurs fans and we deserve explanations. At best we've been misled in the club's best interests; at worst we've been lied to.

I fully expect the club's explanation, assuming they bother to give us one, will say that if Charlton had admitted to other clubs that he was unsettled, his transfer value would have fallen. This is a bit like saying that you shouldn't put a 'For Sale' sign outside your house because people will know you're selling it. Moreover, Murphy has been sold for 'up to £2m' (less than we paid 18 months ago) and a few minutes before the deadline, hardly the result of hard-fought behind-the-scenes negotiations during the whole of January. The stench of the whole affair has wafted all the way over here in Palm Beach (where I'm meant to feel relaxed but I'm writing a furious blog).

The Parker situation in 2003 was different in my view. We got a fair price (with hindsight), the player not only gave 100% in every game for us, but he clearly improved us as a team also and he belongs on a bigger stage. His subsequent 'replacement' (my emphasis) often played like he couldn't care, didn't improve the team's fortunes and the club botched a transfer that should have been conducted in full openness. Indeed the signings of Murphy and Jeffers were now clearly terrible errors for a club of limited means. It's a shame that the club isn't forced to open its archives like the government, because decades hence I dare say the scouting file on the pair would be about a page-long and with character references notable by their absence.

So here we are on Feb 1st, with the transfer window closed for the season and let's evaluate our newly reinforced squad. Assuming Deano was sold for £500k, we've raised about £2.5m and we have signed........Marcus Bent. We didn't manage to offload Euell, we're stuck with Lisbie and Jeffers (not hugely surprising that one), and there's no new centre-back or left-back. No disprespect to Bent who may grow into his valuation but this really couldn't be an awful lot worse. Just to put it in perspective, our opponents tonight managed to persuade Norwich to part with £3.5m for equally unsettled Robert Earnshaw (that's a Murphy, a Kiely and a Konchesky to you and me).

Given that Murphy's debut could conceivably be against us, it would be nice to think Curbs could just pin his photo in the dressing room as motivation enough, but I don't think he's capable of it any longer. Regardless of how we finish the season (and pessimism surely now reigns), Curbs remains a legend but it's time for a fresh start.


At 9:51 AM, Blogger colin from welling said...

Very nicely put, you echo my thoughts perfectly, particularly the way the club has handled this whole sorry affair.

After Parker I decided I wouldn't allow myself to get so personally wrapped up with such events again but guess what - it's happened again! I suppose that shows I care, along with many, many others and I hope those of us who do contact the club and demand answers.

At 9:57 AM, Blogger Kappacino Kid said...

I want to disagree with you, but I can't. Murphy lived on his reputation with us and was nothing but a disruptive influenmce, good riddance and soon he'll see what fans of other clubs think of a waster. As for not bringing in a replacemnt, apprently personal terms could not be sorted with Bowyer of all people, haven't we been talking to him since June, its criminal. Can't see us finishing above 13th asnd next season will be a real struggle. Curbs for England......please.

At 2:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unfortunatly I feel Murphy must have believed the papers who were saying he was england class and should be called up to the squad!!!instead of who...Lampard or Gerrard
Apart from a few away games (in 18 months) I think Murphy's performances have been shocking. He has a big attitude and thinks he is better than he is. In my opinion he is not fit to lace Claus Jensen's boots.
I have tried to get behind him but when you see every week his lack of effort and his stroppy teenager attitude you just give up. He deserves the abuse he will get when he returns to valley at the moment he is the biggest Judas!! of them all...
Jon Charlton Fan

At 5:18 PM, Anonymous fucked off said...

Couldn't agree more particularly with regards to the FURIOUS bit.I really am getting fed up with the way Curbs and Murray deal with the ins and outs of day to day affairs of the so called family and friendly club,bollocks.I know the stock answer would be, what goes on inside stays inside but surely everyone from the tea boy up, knew that Murphy was on his way then why not tell the fans the truth,we are the heart of the club,for fucks sake and so what if everyone knows that Murphy,Euell and Jeffers were prima donnas, it might of brought the buggers down a peg or two and made them show some respect.
I also agree that the signing of Murphy and Jeffers was a big mistake.I thought that Jeffers was a panic buy because we'd obviousl failed in other bids but was seduced by the thought of the genuine Murphy playing for us,god,how wrong can ya be.

I'm also pissed of that once again we've been fooled into thinking the club were gonna learn from past experience and bring players in during the january window and when Bent.M,arrived not everybodies choice i agree,i was mistakenly optimistic.But of course i should have know better,so when Curbs starts talking about "wait and see" or his regular parable about,the transfer window being akin to the housing market,i'll know that in future this means no more new players and before i'm bloody finished isn't it about time Curbs stopped having to rely on other clubs buying their targets before selling their players to us otherwise this bloody merry go round will go for ever.

At 5:33 PM, Blogger Reet Smoot said...

sorry lads his wife could not keep away from the reet. so he had to move.

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