Monday, January 16, 2006

Sven Moron Eriksson

A quick word on the Eriksson 'sting' by the News of the World. In short, the Swede is unfit to be the leader of any organisation, let alone be the best paid member of his profession in the world. His record when assessed on a 'value for money' basis is mediocre at best, and he has been exceptionally fortunate to have been the manager during an untypically fertile period for English talent.

It is clear the only reason he remains in the job is due to the cost of dismissing him. All of his indiscretions to date, whether they be the Chelsea 'tapping-up' affair, or the inappropriate liasons with members of staff, or now his willingness to disclose private information with complete strangers prove his position is untenable regardless of whether he remains in the post. Could you imagine the highest paid banker or lawyer in the world being 'stung' in this fashion? Occurring during the same week as football has been forced to re-examine the murky world of transfer dealings, it all proves once again that the industry is as bent as Charlton's new strikeforce.


At 10:01 AM, Anonymous Not Addick4Years said...

I suggest you take a long hard look at the NOTW for this. What were there motives? Complete and utter xenophobia (svenophobia)or is there a danger of Sven being succesful? Anyone remember they did the same thing to Dallaglio when our Rugby team were beginning to look like a world force.
I agree that our form in the qulaifiers was terrible. It is not acceptable to go to the world cup as second seeds after winning our group we are miles better than Brazil and Eriksson has let us down again, it is obvious we should be first seeds.
Why, why, why set him up NOTW a few months before the world cup???

At 12:26 PM, Blogger New York Addick said...

The NOTW owes nothing to Sven - it has a profit motive, plain and simple - it just wants to sell papers and enhance its reputation as the 'tabloid of choice.' If Sven had a) above average intelligence, or b) some decent advisors, he would never have been put in this situation to begin with.

When someone in his position continually undermines himself in this fashion, you have to question whether he can handle the responsibilities that go with it.


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