Thursday, January 05, 2006

How much would we accept for Murphy?

The newspapers during the January transfer window are unsurprisingly full of rumours, substantiated or otherwise, but it is noticeable that the 'Danny Murphy rumour' refuses to go away. I've no idea whether he is a) unsettled, and/or b) clubs have indicated an interest, but I'm inclined to think there is unlikely to be smoke without a fire.

Assuming there is some truth, the usual spin coming out of the club ("..he's not going anywhere etc..") may not be particularly welcome, particularly given that we apparently turned down 2.5m for Jason Euell from Palace last season, a bid which would be ludicrous if received today.

From my point of view, whilst I've enjoyed watching him play, and his contribution has been positive on the whole, his body language has always suggested he feels he belongs on a bigger stage than Charlton. If true, whilst he is probably misguided, there is little point forcing an unsettled player to remain particularly when cash bids might be on the table. Given our form since he joined (71 points from 57 games), we shouldn't feel too concerned if arguably our highest profile player was to jump ship. Looked at another way, Liverpool have not exactly missed his contribution since he left.

Hence, the main question would be what type of cash bid would be acceptable? He turns 29 in March, and is hence pretty much at the peak of his career. Given that we paid 2.5m for him, it would be incongruous to accept any less, but the possibility of a cash+player deal with say Newcastle (receiving Bowyer or Faye for example) would seem a reasonable piece of business to me. Our half-decent midfield would be weakened perhaps only marginally, but we would have vital extra cash to bid for the likes of Ashton in an area where we are desperate for reinforcements.


At 11:27 PM, Blogger Kappacino Kid said...

I was delighted on the day the Murphy and Jeffers joined, but neither have really made it. Jeffers hopefully will go out on loan till the end of his contract in the summer, maybe Norwich will taske him and lisbie plus a few quid for Ashton, but I doubt it. Murphy has failed to consistently perform and when we are under pressure his in ability to be strong on the ball has let us down and lead to goals conceded. His attitude that he should be at a bigger club may well be one of th reasons that team morale is so poor, so maybe his departure for a decent sum to buy a decent strong replacement would not be too upsetting.


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