Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Consortium Bids for Charlton

Newly relegated Charlton were last night rumoured to be the target of a multi-million bid from a Middle Eastern consortium, led by the elusive Sheikh Couscous Infidel al Anpardew.

(above) Bryan Hughes regrets a
misplaced pass.

Al Anpardew's exact wealth is a closely-guarded secret, but he is rumoured to own a palatial London mansion in the much sought after "South Greenwich Village" (previously known as Lewisham). His oil interests are thought to extend to a BP petrol station (complete with adjoining Wild Bean Café), and a 0.2% stake in WD40.

Although fans dispute his Charlton-supporting credentials, his spokesperson confirmed that, "...the Sheikh has followed the Haddocks with great interest, and will never forget the time Clive Mendonca scored 132 not out at The Crucible aboard Red Rum. Even as a young boy, he recalls being delighted when he learned of Mike Flanagan's hole-in-one at Twickenham during the Boat Race."


STOP PRESS: Eggert Magnusson admits, "Who the hell was Bobby Moore Stand?"


At 3:55 PM, Blogger tim said...

nice article - may cheer you up a bit...

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At 7:39 PM, Blogger worcestershireleaburn said...

NYA - I think the BBC got hold of your spoof story and ran with it!


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