Saturday, January 06, 2007

NYA's First-Half Report: DISGRACEFUL

I don't usually write much at half-time but for the benefit of those in the UK and not actually at the game (and I pity those that are), I need to report upon surely the most disgraceful half of football I think I have ever seen Charlton take part in. I didn't see the Wycombe game but it cannot have been any worse than this.

We are a total and utter shambles and should be 4-0 down (Fortune's own goal should clearly have been given, and Perch missed when it was easier to score). Only Matt Holland could conceivably plead 'not guilty'. Unless the sure-to-be barbaric half-time 'team talk' from Pardew can lift us we will once again be the laughing stock on tonight's Match of the Day. The second goal truly needs to be seen to be believed, and Talal el Karkouri has just been called up for a foul throw for goodness sake.

The lack of pride shown genuinely has me close to tears, and fulminating upon what has happened to our club and to the very values which lifted us out of the same doldrums where we are surely now returning. Luckily on this occasion I only have fifteen minutes to find out if there's any chance of salvaging them.


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