Thursday, February 22, 2007

Barnwell's royal call

League Managers Association chief John Barnwell has urged Prince Harry to retract his statement describing himself to be 'over the moon' about his proposed deployment to Iraq.

Harry (right): Over the Moon

"The LMA would like to gently remind the Prince that 'over the moon' is a patented term to be used solely by football managers, and preferably those wearing sheepskin coats," insisted Barnwell, "...It is a wholly inappropriate and disproprotionate turn of phrase for someone who is merely representing his country, and about to be plunged into the midst of a bloody civil war."

"We would respectfully ask that the Prince refrain from repeating the phrase, unless he has just led a team to a vital win on a wet Tuesday night in Grimsby"


STOP PRESS: Prince Harry said to be 'sick as a parrot' upon hearing Barnwell's comments.


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