Sunday, February 04, 2007

Superbowl XLI

There's only one 'superbowl' that means something to me, and that's the delightful porcelain piece purchased from our wedding registry. It's a really delightful and versatile bowl, ideal for salads. Trust me, it's super.

However, everyone else's 'Superbowl' takes place tonight in Miami when the Chicago Bears (last winners in 1986) take on the favoured Indianapolis Colts. To remind myself why I struggle to take American sport completely seriously, the Indianapolis Colts were the Baltimore Colts until 1984, playing their games 510 miles away in Maryland.

Nonetheless, I'm in a vocal minority because the rest of the country is gearing up to loosen their corporate stiffness, down several beers, scream "way to go" a lot, and just for one night at least, forget completely about how they're going to afford next year's health insurance. In fairness, we all need an excuse sometimes to let our hair down, get drunk and indulge in some energetic male bonding (and female if we're lucky). However in England, we call it 'Saturday night.'

Speaking of the English, the wife and I will be attending a Superbowl party, but there will not be a single American in attendance, albeit not by design as such (do you think it's because they read this blog? - Ed). Cue an abject lack of interest in the game long before the end of the first quarter, lots of shrugging at the infamous commercials ("..they're not as good as the ones at home are they?"..) and a sense of gratitude that at least for now, the FA Cup Final hasn't gone down this route.

Talking of American/English sporting comparisons, it was interesting to get confirmation that the New York Giants will play the Miami Dolphins at Wembley next season in a genuine regular season match-up. I'm not sure how the local Dolphins fans feel about it given they are losing a home game, but I must admit I think it's a marketing piece of genius from the NFL. Somehow sending over two teams for a friendly just wouldn't have had the same effect, and I'm sure it will be a sell-out. There have also been rumours of a similar Major League Baseball game, probably at The Oval, so watch this space.

As abhorrent as it might sound, I bet you there are several Premiership chairmen who would be tempted by replicating a proper League game in the US. It's probably not as far-fetched as it sounds in my view, particularly for the midsized clubs, because the television rights and ticket sales would potentially be very large for a one-off game (and far exceed normal matchday income). There was a time when the possibility of all-seater stadia, lunchtime TV kick-offs and all-foreign Premiership XIs would have been considered unthinkable, but yet us mugs the fans are still lapping it all up.

Tonight Peyton Manning (brother of the oft-criticised New York Giants quarterback Eli) is expected to lead the Colts to victory, although a forecast for rain showers in Miami might act as a leveller that gives the underdog Bears a fighting chance. NY Addick predicts: Colts 31, Bears 17.


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What a prediction, you sure you're english?


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