Monday, June 11, 2007

Texas Water Safari

(not Charlton related)

Requests for sponsorship are 'two a penny' (and that's usually how much I can afford to donate these days), but a good friend (let's call him Tim, because that's his name) is currently undertaking a mission which was genuinely worthy of my support.

He is part of a six-man British team which represents the first foreign attempt at the
Texas Water Safari, known as the 'World's Toughest Boat Race.' Any boat taking part must navigate 262 miles of treacherous water (without a motor), and must begin the race with all the provisions required for the trip, other than ice and water. Their short blog is here.

The journey time (for those fortunate enough to finish), is up to one hundred hours, and any sleep must be undertaken en route. As well as highly unpredictable river conditions, participants have to contend with alligators and fire ants, as well as dehydration brought on by the searing Texan heat, and hallucinations generated by lack of sleep. Most teams don't finish, but not for want of trying.

Given that we are expected to sponsor people these days for merely hauling their fat backsides out of bed and running 5km, I'm pleased to be able to highlight a genuine sacrifice in the name of 'charridee'.


At 8:05 PM, Anonymous Kevin, said...

Tim's boat (#1776) finished in 48th place at midnight Monday (or Tuesday morning at midnight, however you say that...). Two of the crew dropped out from dehydration and/or other heat issues, but are fine. Not sure which one is Tim, so not sure if he was one of the three to finish in the boat or not. Simon Mills was one that had to leave the boat, not sure on the other.

Considering their lack of practice in a 5-man canoe, lack of experience on Texas rivers, and the high heat and humidity, these guys did great!

At 2:12 AM, Blogger Team GB Challenge said...

Kevin - thanks a lot for the donation mate, appreciated.


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