Saturday, August 18, 2007

Stoke Preview

I've just spent an enjoyable few days in Scotland playing golf, but now thoughts turn back to the Addicks and an important fixture at Stoke. It's the type of game that will give us an important indication of whether we have the stomach for the battle(s) ahead.

The win at Swindon will have given Pards some selection headaches, and with Todorov very doubtful, then McLeod's first league start is likely at the Brittania, unless he prefers Iwelumo's height against a physical Stoke outfit. Elsewhere, do not be surprised to see either Sam or Ambrose relegated to the bench in favour of a less attack-minded midfielder, perhaps Sinclair? Alternatively, Jerome Thomas may occupy the left-wing berth with Reid moving inside.

We ought to have enough class to triumph, but as the game against Scunny proved, possession needs to be converted to goals, whilst defensive concentration is key. Stoke meanwhile will be full of confidence after an impressive opening day win. With this in mind, it would be daft to declare a draw a disappointment and it would at least maintain our unbeaten start. NY Addick predicts Stoke 1 (Fuller), Charlton 1 (Reid). Att: 14, 339.

It was a bonus to realise that the Carling Cup 2nd Round will take place whilst I'm still in London. Naturally our opponents begin with an 'S' and the friendly draw gives us hope (that usually proves false) that a Cup run might light up our season. How many times have we said that?

In other news, on the same day that the FTSE fell more than 4%, Charlton confirmed they were exploring 'strategic options.' This ought not to have come as a surprise but its timing was less than fortuitous with the various assumptions upon which daft football club valuations were justified, now bound to be in question as asset prices plummet across the globe.

My natural reaction is to repel in horror at the thought of foreign ownership, but then again it would be difficult to blame Murray et al if they decided to cash out. Who knows, maybe they need the money? Having watched the debacle at Leeds however, there is nothing to suggest that British owners would be any better. The ideal scenario would be new rich owners with Charlton in their blood, but I suspect they are few and far between (and probably far too intelligent to invest in the football 'industry.')


At 9:51 AM, Blogger Kappacino Kid said...

I'm hoping the promotion run will light up our season and any cup runs are added bonuses.

At 10:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A cup run should brighten up any season, but lets not forget we have reached the quarter final stage of a cup for the previous two seasons - I don't remember our Carling Cup run brightening anyones season (except the fact it lead to Reed's departure)

Cup runs, I would say, only prove rewarding if you go out to one of the bigger boys. Let's face it, both years we were drawn against the weakest opponents left in the cup at that stage - and lost both times...

At 10:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just a question about the potential takeovers - would the free season ticket deal still be valid if someone does buy us?

I would like to see someone but us, but the majority of the board remain in place, if this is possible and if it HAS to happen.


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