Friday, January 11, 2008

Blackpool preview

I had intended to write about how Blackpool were the only team with a fruit-related nickname, when it suddenly dawned on me (on the bus incidentally) that Bournemouth were the 'Cherries'. Only fellow bloggers can understand the immense disappointment this caused me.

In my defence however, although it seems the Tangerines do indeed have some company at the greengrocers, I would dare to suggest that even the most minimalist dessert chef wouldn't attempt to claim that pairing some tangerine with cherry constituted a genuine 'fruit salad'.

There are however several nickname subgroups which contain several more constituents, which got me thinking that a Cup competition between the various subgroups might enliven what is rapidly becoming a rather staid and unexciting domestic footballing calendar.

COLOURS eg. Clarets, Reds, Sky Blues
BIRDS eg. Canaries, Robins, Cockerels, Bluebirds, Seagulls, Magpies, Bantams, Swans, Owls, Gulls
INSECTS eg. Bees, Hornets
VOCATIONS eg. Cobblers, Glaziers, Railwaymen, Rangers, Saddlers, Glovers, Potters
FOOD eg. Toffees, Biscuitmen
WILD ANIMALS eg. Tigers, Foxes, Wolves, Lions, Stags
FISH-RELATED eg. Shrimpers, Gills, Haddocks
HISTORICAL RELIGIOUS FIGURES eg. Pilgrims, Saints, Quakers
TOOLS AND UTENSILS eg. Hammers, Blades
DOMESTIC PETS eg. Terriers, Black Cats
CRIMINALS eg. Exiles, Villains, Pirates
SEXUAL DEVIANTS eg. Cottagers, Red Devils

I'm yet to iron out the exact rules of competition, and have not decided what to do with those teams in a subgroup of their own like, you've guessed it.....Iron (Scunthorpe). Perhaps they could join other lonely teams like the Latics, Spirites, Tractor Boys and Pompey into a catch-all 'Randoms' team, which surely most neutrals would latch onto.

The Birds and the Vocations would seemingly began as strong favourites, although I suspect most fans would be keen to avoid a tricky away trip to either the 'Historical Religious Figures' or the 'Domestic Pets'. It is also notable that 'Tools and Utensils' sounds rather like 'Rushden and Diamonds' or 'Dagenham and Redbridge'.

The competition could bring together fans of teams that are naturally rivals (eg. Swans and Bluebirds), whilst perhaps encouraging those who have previously not shown much interest in the game to take a fresh look eg. ornithologists. It also offers an ideal opportunity for West Ham and Sheffield United to bury their differences from last season.

Anyhow, I'm straying slightly off-topic because tomorrow's game is undoubtedly a vital one for Charlton, and yet another chance to put right our highly inconsistent home form. On the six occasions where we've scored the first goal at home, we've accumulated an impressive 14 points which probably tells you that there's a negative feedback loop at The Valley that needs to be broken. We shouldn't be falling behind 7 times in 13 home games, almost always in the first half (QPR the only exception).

The experimental line-up for last weekend's FA Cup tie appears to have given an early indication that an addition of pace at full-back and upfront, might just add the spark which a formation centred around a solitary Iwelumo (with support from central midfield) appears to be lacking. With all due respect to Chris Powell for example, not only does the future of the club ike at the feet of Youga, Moutaouakil, Basey et al, but so too does the present.

I hope Pards doesn't revert back to type; he complained about the flatness of the crowd, but as I argued earlier this week, it works both ways. The fans will respond to attacking endeavour and a commitment to playing without fear, and if that can breed the confidence to break the aforementioned vicious home circle, then we have the ability to secure automatic promotion still.

I hope he lines them up as follows: Weaver, Moutaouakil, Youga, Bougherra, Fortune, Sam, Zheng, Holland, Thomas, Varney, Iwelumo. Subs: Randolph, Basey, McCarthy, Ambrose, McLeod.

NY Addick predicts: Charlton 2 (Varney, Zheng), Blackpool 0. Att: 20, 112.


At 5:24 PM, Anonymous Daggs said...

Two small comments:
I'd rather see McCleod banished to the reserves and Dickson on the bench.

And i've thought of another fruit based nickname 'The Plums'

That's Charlton right now --sorry--

At 9:54 PM, Anonymous Frankie Valley said...

Excellent piece NYA. I can see you've obviously put a lot of research into this, and let me be the first to say it was time and money well spent, yes indeed! Much better than all that nonsense about presidential elections (yawn) and stock and shares and financial what-nots (double-yawn) that you occasionally subjec - er I mean treat us to. ;-)

Not wishing to appear geeky or anything, but I notice that you've left one major grouping out: the "Farm Animals" section, in which there are two members that immediately spring to mind:
1. The Rams, and
2. The Tottenham fans.

At 10:43 PM, Anonymous newyorkaddick said...

Interestingly I originally had a 'farmyard animal' category but my editorial committee ruled that neither the Rams or the Bulls (Hereford) were strictly farmyard animals in the truest sense. Point taken about Spurs fans - they are indeed a bunch of Cockerels.

At 11:20 AM, Anonymous aitchy said...

Never mind what FV said I Iove all things American and think your articles are great. I look forward to yours and Chicago Addick's blogs.
I notice in the tools and utensils category you have missed out Spanners!


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