Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Personal Loans

Recovering from injury, but lacking match fitness?

Showing potential, but in need of experience?

Fallen out with your manager, and keen on a move?

If you answered 'yes' to any of the above, then a loan move to Charlton Athletic may be for you.

You will be welcomed with open arms, and given all the encouragement you need to meet your personal goals.

At Charlton Athletic, results are of secondary importance. Your wellbeing is our sole priority, and we'll even pay you to be here!

Our existing players will be delighted to accommodate you, because like us, their only concern is your complete satisfaction.

Our highly qualified coaches will create individual player improvement programmes to gradually build back your confidence, all in the leafy surroundings of our world-class training facility.

Meanwhile, our medical staff will utilise leading-edge technology to gently guide you back to match fitness.

Some of our loan players like it so much here, they choose to stay. However you will never be pressurised to do so.

But don't just take our word for it. Here's what some players who spent time here had to say:

"My spell at Charlton gave me the impetus to help Crystal Palace reach the play-offs." (S.Sinclair)

"When I arrived, you could tell Charlton's young right winger got a real boost." (K.Gillespie)

"Charlton are just so refreshingly relaxed about results. They were squarely focused on giving me the match practice I needed." (M.Cranie)

"Without the help of Charlton, I never would have got my dream move back to QPR." (L.Cook)

Don't let your career stumble, and just fall by the wayside. Contact us today and get ahead of the game!

Charlton Athletic: You'll Never Walk A Loan!


At 8:18 AM, Anonymous Ketts said...

Worse still,Cecil reckons getting Dirty Murty eases the pressure to get permanent signings in.I thought we were desperate to 3 or 4in at the start of the window?

Now he is saying it may take a week or two.Burton is being billed as a new signing as well.

At 8:32 AM, Blogger Suze said...

That's brilliant.

Never a truer word spoken in jest...except it's not jest anymore, is it.

At 8:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

NYA, you are man who understands his lucre. Why are we in such a financial mess to the extent that we keep dallying in such ludicrous loan deals.

Much of our income must have been predictable within a reasonable margin- TV deals and season tickets?

Our player salaries are known (hey, we must have made saving on win bonuses).

Have we "speculated" on highly paid players that took us beyond our planned income, and then come unstuck becuase we didn;t get promoted and get the additional income required to meet the speculation? But we knew in the summer we wouldn't have Premier league income, so why didn't we plan our finances accordingly?

Have we then added to the problem by taking in loan players?

Can financial planning in football be that difficult? It was something we used to be good at.

Pembury Addick

At 1:19 PM, Anonymous sillav nitram said...

i'm like the rest of you and am unhappy that we keep going down the loan route.or seemingly allow players to get fit at our expense. having said that how does parkinson deal with the need to get in fresh blood, because it's important to halt the winless negativity that must be rife at the club, with the problem of getting players of the right calibre who want to sign on a permanant basis, as i can't imagine that there are going to be many who do? what do you do about potential availability of players? who once again, is going to be tempted to join a club at the bottom of the division and now who have publicly said in a roudabout fashion that they have no money.

also i get the impression that some supporters assume there must be hundreds of players available , i personally don't think there are.

so perhaps loans is all we can expect at this moment?

At 3:14 PM, Anonymous newyorkaddick said...

Pembury, hard to say without reviewing the accounts (which should be issued imminently I believe). Obviously relegation brings enormous headaches as salaries typically are not adjustable downwards, but you can't force players to move on.

They've obviously screwed up big time in the transfer market too, with virtually no signings able to be declared a 'success' or 'good value'. Thus they took risks to try to win promotion back, but I suspect never in their worst nightmares did they think relegation was a realistic prospect within two seasons.

Sillav, having now taken on 8 loans already this season, I think one can make a pretty strong case that they are unsettling the squad (17 games without a win speaks volumes).

What happened to old-fashioned coaching to encourage improvement, aligned with motivation to win back shattered confidence?

I continue to believe that we have a squad that contains both requisite experience (Weaver, Hudson, Fortune, Gray etc..), plus coachable potential (Moutaouakil, Youga, Sam, Bailey, Semedo etc..), to get us out of this mess, without this crazy reliance on constant loans, none of which have steadied the ship, let alone allowed it to sail forward.

At 4:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love this blog. I read it all the time when I'm supposed to be doing work, it's the best way to get through the credit crunch (other than actually doing work, which would make my company more profitable and better equipped to deal with the financial downturn).
Can't wait to read New York Addick's take on our annual report.

At 6:37 PM, Anonymous sillav nitram said...

I totally agree with you New York, loans undermine those already trying to make a starting birth in an under performing team and cause further unrest. it just goes to show how nobody at the club seems to know what their doing, from the board, to the management and the players. A total Nightmare before and after christmas.

At 7:14 PM, Anonymous Richard Roofuss said...

I hear a rumour that the club is going to be renamed Chartloan Athletic!!

At 10:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chartloan Pathetic i heard

At 11:22 AM, Anonymous RDH said...

with our dire financial position and the complete failure of loan signings over the past 12months you would think the club would learn its lesson
we have more than capable players of our own that would do as just a good a job as the majority of the loanees (the full back and forward positions spring to mind)
it seems as though we continue to throw money at the loan market due to our flawed philosophy of what is actually the cause of our current situation
My view is that loan players are the root of the current problem, not the solution

At 4:56 PM, Anonymous sillav nitram said...

do you think these accounts would have influenced zabeel's decision to pull out?

At 4:59 PM, Anonymous newyorkaddick said...

They would have been granted access to real-time financial information, not 4-month old accounts, but the picture will hardly have looked any rosier.


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