Thursday, July 02, 2009

Is Murray a Charlton fan?

There's only been one question on the lips of expectant British tennis fans during Wimbledon Andy Murray a Charlton fan?

He's been spotted at The Valley on more than one occasion during the past couple of seasons, hardly the most glamorous London fixture to choose for a mere neutral with an interest in football.

Why not just join the myriad of assorted celebrities at Stamford Bridge or The Emirates?

A quick visit to Andy's official website reveals the truth.....his fitness trainer Matt Little is an Addick, and more importantly is trying to convert his charge too. It's right there on his official website!

Murray is only two wins away from an extraordinary achievement, that will catapult him to untold fame and riches.

The Google hits will mount up by the million, and lo and behold (and not surprisingly), the search engine directs straight to it.

He must know what's written on his website (he's increasingly media savvy after all), and by definition he must be comfortable with the implication above and doesn't mind that the world will know it.....HE MUST BE A CLOSET CHARLTON FAN!

Dig a little deeper, and you can see the attraction. He was forced to move away from home to achieve his potential, much as Charlton were.

And now having worked hard to achieve some considerable success, he still finds something to moan about.

Thus he must feel very comfortable sitting up there in the West Stand, and when he queues for a half-time pint he'll recognise the frustration....occasionally the service can break down.

And finally when the game's over and the crowds are dispersing, he can avoid the eager autograph-hunters by popping into the boardroom to see his distant uncle, Richard.

But wait, what's this? A suggestion he might also be a Wolves fan, happily parading the gold and black shirt before his victory at Queens Club? Surely he's not a turncoat already.

As I recently wrote myself, I consider it appropriate to adopt a Premiership club, now we're in League One.

This is clearly what Andy has done; it's notable he's waited until our respective relegation and promotion was confirmed before displaying his adopted colours. Classy.

It is well-known meanwhile that 5-time Wimbledon champion Bjorn Borg is a Charlton fan.

Interestingly much like his beloved club, Borg also only had about seven good years before going completely off the rails.

However if Murray does triumph on Sunday, I hope Sue Barker poses the question on everyone's lips....Andy, how does it feel to be the first Briton to lift this famous trophy for 73 years, but only the second Charlton fan?


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