Thursday, December 02, 2010

Arcade Fire

I attended an awesome Arcade Fire gig at the O2 Arena last night, and it got me thinking about Johnnie Jackson.

The Canadian group are a mesmerising experience live, and despite the soulless surroundings of the O2, you felt like they were playing in your front room by the end. They were even rocking in the upper tier.

Only one band in the world would get me to traipse through the snow and organise an overnight hotel stay in the beautiful surroundings of Bugsbys Way.

As they reeled off another stunning anthem, I turned to my Spurs-supporting mate and said "They're just in a different league to other bands."

"I mean it's like saying Lionel Messi and Johnnie Jackson are both goalscoring left-footed midfielders."

Yet the curious thing about both music and football is how hard it is to explain the difference to the uninitiated.

Just try it yourself. What does Messi have that Jackson doesn't, which can be explained in simple terms to a layperson?

You just know it when you see it, or in Arcade Fire's case hear it too. Pure class.


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