Sunday, March 06, 2011

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Charlton bloggers are busy people, and the games are coming thick and fast.

Even Chicago Addick has been known to do a couple of hours work in his Bermuda bolthole, before returning for some more underwater spear fishing.

With Charlton facing a massive six-pointer at MK Dons on Tuesday, I'm pleased to offer my fellow bloggers this handy ready-made post-match report.

Bloggers need only decide if they are in the 'pro' or 'anti' Powell camp, and then simply cut and paste away.

On a deceptively mild/slightly chilly* evening in Milton Keynes, Chris Powell adopted an ambitiously attacking/naively unbalanced* formation for this vital clash.

Powell once again proved he is tactically flexible/unsure of his best team*, as his side sought its fifth win in ten/to avoid a fifth defeat in six*.

Benson was again paired with Wright-Phillips upfront, following their encouraging/disappointing* first start together against Tranmere.

Racon was preferred again to Reid on the left flank, providing the midfield with some extra solidity/too little width*.

Wagstaff kept his place ahead of Eccleston, the Liverpool man best utilised/completely wasted* on the bench.

The first fifteen minutes were cagey, with Powell's men seemingly happy to soak up pressure/unable to gain a foothold*.

Benson was unlucky with/snatched at* an 18th minute half-chance, after finding himself on the end of a delicious/mishit* Francis cross.

McCormack and Semedo were tenacious in the tackle/typically uncreative*, providing the foundation for/placing too much pressure on* Racon and Wagstaff.

In defence, Dailly was experience personified/uncomfortably slow* whilst alongside him Jenkinson again displayed signs of promise/naivety*.

The MK Dons opener was brilliantly taken/should have been prevented*.

Llera was harshly penalised/needlessly conceded a free-kick*, and Luke Chadwick's shot fizzed/bobbled* past Ross Warner who could only watch/was slow to react*.

At the other end, Charlton were dangerous on the break/offered little threat*, and were never afraid to exploit gaps in the channels/too reliant on pointless long balls*.

Despite falling behind, Powell appeared deep in thought/utterly emotionless* on the sidelines, carefully weighing up/clueless about* how to turn the game around.

The half-time whistle was greeted with silence/boos* by the impressive/disappointing* away support.

Powell did not make any changes at the interval, reflective of his side's decent first-half showing/unwillingness to make substitutions*.

The Addicks were patient in their build-up/slow to get going* after the break, with Wagstaff seeing some more of the ball/continuing to frustrate*.

MK Dons were restricted to half-chances/looked the likelier to score*, and with an hour gone Powell considered his substitute options/appeared bereft of ideas*.

Enigmatic/frustrating* winger Reid was brought on for the underrated/overrated* McCormack, with the Addicks sticking with a robust/predictable* 4-4-2.

Charlton's equaliser in the 74th minute was fully deserved/came against the run of play*.

A long pass/hoof* forward by Dailly was flicked on by Benson into the path of Wright-Phillips, who finished with aplomb/the help of a deflection*.

In an attacking/defensive* switch, Wagstaff was replaced by Eccleston as Powell tried to press home the advantage/secure a valuable point*.

MK Dons came closest to a last-gasp winner, but Charlton's resolute/tired-looking* defence stood firm/somehow kept them out*.

A vital/disappointing draw* leaves the Addicks in the hunt for/somewhat adrift of* a play-off berth.

It's important that Powell is given time/the sack* because it's clear the team continues to evolve/has not progressed* since Parky was rightly/unfairly* dismissed.

(*delete as appropriate)


At 7:33 AM, Blogger Hungry Ted said...

I love this concept. after all 'failure to prepare, means prepare to fail'.

At 10:38 AM, Anonymous Ketts said...

Gee, thanks NYA, that's cut down tomorrow night's workload!

At 10:55 AM, Blogger The Exile said...

Fantastic stuff...don't be surprised if I actually use some of this!

At 3:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If the new owners had any money, and if they wanted to spend it to get us promoted this season then they would have done it by now. The main obstacle to getting in loan players must be the wages, if they aren't prepared to fork out then I'm surmising they must have written this season off.

The main problem with that is it is a powerful disincentive to season ticket renewal.

At 5:37 PM, Blogger Marco. said...

Good stuff NYA.
I hope this becomes a regular feature.
I was wondering the other day if you still had the capacity to hack into the internal cafc emails?
I thoroughly enjoyed those titbits and I know others did too.
I suppose nowadays the messages could all be sent via twitter and are open for all to see anyway.
I'd like to think they aren't and hope you bring us some more inside info.

Well done- it's going to make any sort of report tomorrow
almost impossible without feeling like a plagiarist.

At 6:51 PM, Blogger Mike BARRY said...

Great aid to freeing up time.
Could add "McCormack intentionally / mistakenly passed forward rather than backwards or sideways"

At 10:46 AM, Anonymous newyorkaddick said...

Thanks Marco.

Yes I've been thinking of hacking back into the server as I'm curious as to how Powell's sudden reversal in form has been received.

They do change the passwords regularly although the last five were: Craggs, Lawrence, Curbishley, Dowie, Reed so I'm confident I know what the new one is.


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