Monday, November 06, 2006

What the Papers Say

Here's a brief summary of how the press viewed Charlton's vital win over Man City:

Daily Mail - "Bent lifts Charlton (and house prices)"
Daily Express - "Bent kills off City, but who killed off Diana?"
Independent - "Charlton rise from the dead; oceans rise 0.01 cm"
Guardian - "Charlton still stuck at foot; US still stuck in Iraq"
The Sun - "City over-run by Bent; UK over-run by immigrants"
The Mirror - "City lack firepower; OAPs can't pay power bills."

And from across the world....

Arabic Times - "Infidel Athletic 1, Infidel City 0"
El Pais - "Fray Bent-os"
L'Equipe - "Scott Voiture-fils sauve Charlton."


At 9:00 AM, Anonymous Texas Addick said...

Yep NYA, the news hit world wide with that win,me being State side the news was big here: - Cheyenne Daily - "Reds on warpath as Bent arrows one in."
Chigago Tribune - "Mobsters rob City"
Houston Chronicle - "Dowie has liftoff"
Washington Post Political Editor "Republican Reds scrape narrow victory over Democrat Blues".
Nuff said me thinks.


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