Sunday, December 17, 2006

THINGS THAT MIGHT SAVE US (No.2 in an occasional series): SUING CURBS

Other than the same bags under the eyes (now left undisguised by contact lenses), Charlton fans were unable to recognise the man they previously knew simply as 'the Gaffer.' What was that we saw at the end? Was it emotion? And who was that at left-back keeping Ronaldo quiet? Was it Paul Konchesky (previously regarded as 'not good enough to play left-back')? And who was that impressive young player at right-back with the mop of blonde hair? Was it Jonathan Spector (previously known as 'worst full-back seen at Charlton until, well...erm, Djimi Traore')? And who were that team trudging off the field after their first defeat to a Curbishley-led side? Was it Manchester United, the biggest club in the world?

Do we have enough evidence to contemplate a Simon Jordan-esque legal action against Curbs for neglect of duty? And could the proceeds be reinvested in our squad in January in order to save us?


At 11:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, he did leave to take a job 'up north'.


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