Saturday, January 06, 2007

Forest Gumps

For those of you that read my half-time report, you will perhaps not be surprised to learn it didn't get any better. Arguably it got even worse. When the Forest fans sang, "You're so sh*t it's unbelievable," they were only half-correct of course because we can believe it alright. The look on Pardew's face suggested he had severely underestimated the dire state of the team he's inherited, and now I honestly question whether he might just walk away.

I would like the club to issue a statement on Monday morning confirming that the following players are available for transfer and will not wear a Charlton shirt again: Faye, Traore, Fortune, Rommedahl, Ambrose, Hasselbaink, M Bent. Better still, I'd like to see the Board have the bottle to seek to mutually cancel their contracts - they have virtually no transfer value anyway, and the £150,000 or so per week that their wages are draining from the club and the damage that their very presence is currently doing to our club is incalculable.

There was a darkly comical moment midway through the second half. After Talal el Karkouri had delivered his second foul throw of the game, and then delivered a (fair) throw straight out for a goal-kick, the camera panned to Pardew who was clearly telling him he was not to take another one. This is a Moroccan international and a highly-paid footballer whose ineptitude requires his manager to resort to the type of man-management usually reserved for Sunday morning pub games. I do hope they show the sequence on Match of the Day, I really do.

You can devour every single one of Les Reed's coaching manuals but if you don't have the heart for the battle, you will receive deserved comeuppance. I don't need to be UEFA-qualified to spot that Ambrose pulled out of a late header, or that Kish challenged for a 50/50 ball in the 81st minute like he was dipping his toe into the bath. I don't need to have attended the FA School of Excellence to know that for £2m I'd expect more than a succession of pointless long balls from Djimi Traore. I don't need to be a conditioning coach to know that Rommedahl is not giving 100% when he stands still after passing the ball instead of sprinting into a better position. In his cowardly mind he might believe he's giving 100% but it's the type of 100% that the likes of true winners like Roy Keane would spit in the face of (and literally I hope).

So it was the players after all. Apologies to Les Reed and all that, but anyhow he wasn't the answer for Charlton at any time, and certainly not at this time. Richard Murray would like us to believe that it is Dowie's fault for bringing some of these jokers into the football club; that however is a cop-out for me and anyhow, who appointed Dowie in the first place as the 'outstanding candidate' interviewed? Plenty of comments from Murray suggested he was uncomfortable with the amount of control (and the accolades) that Curbs received, and the 'new structure' imposed thereafter was evidence of a new desire to take the control back. He (and his lackey Varney) have to take some responsibility for this mess and I'd like to see them do so publicly.

Any company with a modicum of internal control would have checks and balances from the scouting network to the actual transfer negotiation, to ensure players only end up on the payroll if they are worthy of it. His argument also breaks down when you consider Cory Gibbs (remember him?) arrived at the club when we didn't even have a manager (or 'head coach').

Are we really meant to believe meanwhile that Dowie was flying Ryanair every other week whilst at Palace to check out Diawara at Sochaux? Or was his availability signalled via a fax to Andrew Mills and a DHL package full of video footage of him in action, to which Dowie simply said 'yay' or 'nay'? And anyhow, he is not the worst of the new signings; a quick review of the Newcastle message boards when we were looking at Amdy Faye would have told Murray we'd be sold a dud.

I was feeling more upbeat about Charlton thanks to Pardew's appointment and a couple of promising home performances. It's now pretty clear on today's evidence that the damage done by two to three seasons of mismanagement will not be undone in the space of two weeks. We have been promised that new blood will be arriving in early-January but personally I'm keener to see the door marked 'EXIT' left open as the aforementioned players collect their belongings.


At 8:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just a quick note on Faye.

When we bought him a Pompey colleague at work said 'why on earth did you buy him for'?

When he was at Pompey he was hailed as the next Vierra (yeah right!

What he did say was that his first few games he was magnificent and really really good, but then went downhill rapidly that he was a liability and useless.

When Faye was sold to the barcodes my work mate kept an eye on his performances, again Faye was impressive but soon went downhill again rapidly.

And ditto that for CAFC.

So NYA yes your right, I too am amazed that in football especially that you would thnk that one would do one's homework.

You don't just give a job to 'anyone' off the street do you, you interview them and test them etc etc...

At 10:16 PM, Anonymous marco se7 said...

Unconnected with todays pathetic effort in the East Midlands.

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Maybe you already know of this service but it seems that you could save a journey and just stroll to your pc moments before kick off.
have a look at -it might not save our season but it could save your liver and your relationship!

At 11:25 PM, Anonymous Nug said...

You'll be pleased (or not) to know that they just showed El Kak doing his best impression of the U10's of the bexley league trying to do a throw-in on MOTD....unbelievable, what is going on? We are an embarassment, Pardew really has his work cut out, and I for one can't see us getting out of this mess with the players he's got. who on earth is gonna want to come and join this shambles. I think our only hope is to offload all our "superstars" and get some youngsters in and rebuild the team, I really can't see anyone who's worthy of staying, the only ones with any heart are probably over the hill. Please pardew play Sam, Walton, Youga, can he be any worse that Traore, give Rurik a chance what have we got to lose? It makes you want to cry seeing our great club become a laughing stock.

At 11:02 AM, Anonymous aitchy said...

I agree with Nug. We have become an embarrassment. I am also fed up with seeing headlines about this being a "cup shock". Charlton supporters would know this result was just waiting to happen. There are probably eight players who should be discarded. Pick your own eight!
I also agree with Pardew's comments that this losing away attitude goes back a long way. We have not won a Premier league game since October 2005. We did not win away from home for seven months under Curbs. Pardew has a tough job on his hands to turn round this team with no heart and no fight. But he probabably knows that now.

At 11:23 AM, Anonymous John Tayler said...

If Hasselbaink ever plays for us again I am walking out.

At 8:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If it's relegation then so be it. At least we can then cleanse our souls of the terrible squad that we have.

M Bent couldn't hit a barn door from 2 yds! - and what was curbs smoking when he signed him for £2.5m

This is open heat surgery we got,and Pards is the Doc to sort it out.


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