Saturday, April 07, 2007

A Question of Trust

If Bolton were a friend, they'd be the type that always show up on time, that always remember your birthday and who you could always rely upon in a time of crisis. Arsenal meanwhile are great fun to be around, but you're never quite sure how genuine they are, and you certainly wouldn't leave them alone in a dark room with your wife. In short, they simply can't be trusted.

I spent the morning at the pub and it was a vision of what heaven must look like (in the unlikely event I ever get there): three live coincidental Premiership games, twenty beers on draft, a fried breakfast and the newspapers. Unfortunately the story unfolding at the Emirates Stadium was rapidly becoming a vision of hell.

In fairness, Arsenal actually played extremely well today and it was one of the most one-sided matches I have ever seen; if you ever needed reminding why football is such a beguiling sport, just watch a re-run of this game. It was the sort of 'smash 'n grab' away win which Curbs used to regularly conjur up for us, but Robert Green's goal led a ridiculously charmed life and on a different day Arsenal could have emulated Morton, and also won 9-1 today.

But Arsenal didn't win 9-1; they lost 1-0 and as a result, the otherwise perfect scores at Bramall Lane and the JJB Stadium actually feel anti-climatic. The very real possibility that we finish above Wigan or Sheffield United, yet still get relegated would be a sickening blow. And now next weekend, instead of hoping for a West Ham win over Sheffield United, we must presumably hope for a draw. For all of Arsenal's beautiful football, they don't win enough matches and defeats against Sheffield United and now West Ham have done us few favours.

Villa have the chance to do us a huge favour by beating Wigan on Monday to ensure they play Premiership football next season, whilst rapidly sliding Fulham will view their home game against Man City as a 'must-win' (which if they succeed, merely keeps City in the mire).

Fascinating stuff of course, but all this conjecture can be rendered moot if we can keep registering wins, starting with Reading; draws are no longer enough. The Royals' game was also shown here today, and whilst well-organised and efficient, they are a mediocre side evidenced by the fact that there is every chance they will finish on fewer than 52 points, the very underrated total that we ourselves registered when we returned to the top flight in 2000/01.


At 6:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

dear NYA,
-arsenal lost at sheff utd at football and boxing in the same game (?Montgomery got a 3 match ban) plus beat us 4-0 shortly afterwards- now this-if we survive it will be despite their worse efforts.Look on the positive side it may mean that whu are up for sheff utd -stuff them-then go into a decline against chelsea/everton/bolton and Manu
David Whyte-whyte-whyte

At 9:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i can't take this anymore and I used to moan about midtable obscurity.

Its taking over my life all these what if's?

Also if we need a result last game of the season will randolph be in goal?

At 11:32 PM, Anonymous newyorkaddick said...

Although this is tortuous, it has to be more exciting than finishing 13th every season. Can you recall a more boring season than 05/06 as a Charlton fan?

I didn't think about the implications of playing Liverpool - I guess you are right about Randolph - what an opportunity potentially to become an instant debut hero?

At 11:07 AM, Blogger worcestershireleaburn said...

We need to be safe before the Spurs and Liverpool games. While the City result was ok, listening to it live on the radio didn't inspire me with confidence as City sounded there for the taking - we just weren't good enough to take them. Will it be any different against Reading on Monday?

At 6:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The last 2 games have been pretty poor but we are unbeaten since February 10th so shouldn't fear anyone and all results are possible this time of season.

True NYA the atmosphere is much better at the games since Xmas and if it wasn't for the 05/06 cup run it would have been a terribly boring season.

Keep up the good work NYA!


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