Thursday, July 05, 2007

Catching Up

Trying to have a week's holiday (in Mont-Tremblant for those Canadians amongst you) during the frantic pre-season transfer window is not easy. The wife has threatened to smash my laptop into small pieces if I continue blogging here, so I'll have to quickly run through my views on recent developments:

Chris Powell Returns

Having been a perfectly adequate occasional left-back during 2005/6, it wasn't clear why he suddenly became surplus to requirements last summer. Anyhow, one of the most popular Charlton players in recent memory is back where he belongs, regardless of whether or not he plays regularly, or even has a proper job title.

His best years are behind him of course, but his enthusiasm is infectious and Pardew has rightly concluded that we lacked leaders last season. Having suggested last week that Ben Thatcher lacked competition at left-back, Pards has made the popular and perhaps obvious choice.

The New Away Kit

After last season's diabolical shirt, anything else would have to be an improvement. The new 'denim and seahawk' striped shirt (that's navy and sky blue to me and you), is not unpleasant, and is similar to the shirt used briefly upon our return to the Premiership. It was also the home kit used during season 1923/24, and must thus be held in special regard by at least two or three surviving supporters.

However I maintain that we should be stepping out at away grounds in either yellow or white. Both colours have plenty of historical relevance, and are easy to pick out by both player and fan alike. But if we can't have yellow or white, can we please desist from using terms like 'denim and seahawk'? Retail manager Michael Rae 'apparently' said (or was told to say): "If we were going to have a blue kit, it was important that it didn't look like another club's kit, which is why we have gone for the denim and seahawk blue stripes." I mean, some of the communication from the club in recent months has been a mixture of the bizarre and the inconsistent, but this one threatens their very credibility.

Todorov and Weaver sign for free

Nicky Weaver was never going to be a popular signing, but it might just turn out to be Pardew's canniest. Just look at the facts: 1. he costs nothing; 2. he is only 28; 3. he was a Premiership regular for much of last season; and 4. until just a few seasons ago, he was one of the most promising English goalkeepers.

The realistic alternatives were to take a risk with Randolph as first choice, or to punt on a promising keeper from a lesser club. If the Weaver signing works out for us, we could have several seasons with him between the sticks. If it doesn't work out, it'll cost us only his wages. Had we opted for a veteran like Maik Taylor, it could only be a short-term option that would leave us back at square one. And after all, Weaver's only crime was having a bit of a personality....we like that in keepers don't we (Deano anyone?)?

As for Todorov, another smart signing in my view. He was the top scorer in the League when Pompey got promoted, and whilst his injury-hit career has stuttered since, he is a clever footballer and with plenty of seasons ahead of him. His style is very Andy Hunt-esque which might bode well (not much pace, but plenty of clever touches).

Now about that central midfield...


At 3:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting signings, by at as you give a nod to at the end of your post ... I'm becoming a little anxious about central midfield. Working on the basis that Faye will be shipped out somewhere, by my reckoning that leaves us with three recognised central midfielders ... Holland (legend, but getting on), Reid (will he ever be fit for a whole season?) and Walton (likely to be suspended half the season judging by his disciplinary record to date). Not really a creative or solid basis for a team looking to bounce back to the Prem. We really could do with Song and Zheng back ...

At 11:08 AM, Blogger charlton north-downs said...

Would agree Weaver might do the business and if he gets a few games under his belt performing well the fans will be all forgiving. Just how many strikers are we planning to buy the latest might be Eastwood. If Todorov is any thing like Andy Hunt, that will be a real blessing, as we have been missing a player like him for sometime. Midfield, what a worry, maybe Pardew is planning to put most of the budget into getting a top player.

At 1:33 PM, Anonymous Bob Miller said...

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At 3:36 PM, Blogger Mikey126 said...

Given the squad of strikers we seem to be putting together, I'm wondering if central midfield may not be a problem, because we'll be playing 4-2-4 in a sort of four-on-a-side square formation.

Something like this, perhaps:
W   W

As for Weaver, well he's a character all right. Some might say "arrogant twat", of course, but getting hoofed out of City might help with that. And at least he's our arrogant twat now.

At 12:23 PM, Anonymous Simon said...


Your favourite West Ham fan here. Sorry but Todorov has just not got it, he will flatter to deceive for a few matches, get injured, out for 6 months, come back and do the same again. He just can't cut it week in, week out....

At 5:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tim here, don't you think its strange that everyone is reporting that Man Utd are having a tough time signing tevez, but yet no-one in the press has actually put two and two together and come out and stated that it proves once and for all that it was a sham that West Ham had terminated the relationship with the 3rd party.


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