Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Norwich preview

It cracks me up every time that video, it really does. She's like a (very) poor man's Nigella Lawson. A tramp's probably.

It's hard to imagine Richard Murray embarrassing himself like that isn't it? (he did employ Les Reed - Ed.)

The next four days will be a key gauge to how successful our season is likely to be. Despite rarely firing on all cylinders (but showing plenty of potential), we find ourselves 5th in the table. If that in itself doesn't send a strong message that this division is garbage, then nothing will. (I have never bought that concept that it's a hard division to escape from. Why exactly?)

Norwich are one of those teams that I have tended to have a soft spot for, without any apparent reason. Must have something to do with those cute colours and the funny way the locals talk I guess. They even have a well-run and organised New York supporters club (NY Canaries), complete with a pub on the Upper West Side festooned in yellow and green.

Norwich have had a steady start to the season, but with Dion Dublin and Gary Doherty in defence (aren't they both centre-forwards?), surely we will have too much attacking flair for them.

Pards implied he wasn't entirely happy with the Colchester performance, so changes may be warranted, and will likely see starting debuts offered to either Sodje, Varney or both. Andy Reid meanwhile is bound to start, probably at the expense of the stuttering Jerome Thomas. We have a very good recent record against Norwich, and I see little reason why it should not continue.

NY Addick predicts: Charlton 3 (Todorov, Varney, Zheng), Norwich 1 (Huckerby). Attn: 21,482.


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Forgot how pissed she really was, that cooking sherry can be lethal


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