Friday, January 25, 2008

Club bemoans actions of 'rogue trader'

Charlton Athletic was reeling last night after its Board was forced to admit the club had sustained massive losses due to the actions of a single rogue trader.

The six transactions in question are believed to have occurred between 7 July and 30 Aug 2006. Once the losses were discovered, the trader was immediately dismissed.

The unnamed rogue trader is alleged to have:

SQUANDERED £500,000 on a 'promising' youngster

WASTED £1,000,000 in wages on an overweight striker

SPLURGED £7,700,000 on three overvalued African investments

Meanwhile, a further £3,000,000 was traced to the Republic of Ireland, although the Board admitted that thankfully some value had been salvaged, after the position had been trimmed.

The rogue trader meanwhile is said to be on the run, with sightings rumoured in Coventry, Oldham and 'somewhere along the M1 motorway.'

Police have warned the public not to approach him (or his transfer targets) as he can be highly dangerous, especially during the current January window.


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