Friday, January 14, 2011

Sheffield Steel

"Faith means not wanting to know what is true"(Frederick Nietzsche)

I'm not a religious person. Perhaps if I was more inclined to have faith, I'd find it easier to join in with the mass Chris Powell love-in taking place.

Having read several reasoned views over the past couple of days, I'm beginning to understand why the Board has made the appointment, although I don't agree with it.

Some revelations in Powell's first interview were somewhat startling, not least the fact that one can win a 3 1/2 year contract on the basis of an hour and a quarter's interview. They must have gone into a lot of depth.

I think we spent more time interviewing our babysitter, and we only employ her on an hourly basis.

It's pretty clear to me on the basis of their first two weeks that there is neither big money behind the new owners, nor was there ever a grand plan in place.

Two very big key decisions have been made on the hoof, and whilst I agreed with the sacking of Parkinson, they've taken an enormous and unnecessary risk with Powell.

Of course it might work out fabulously well, but one must accept the risk of a very bad outcome is higher than it would be with a more experienced manager.

Given our current situation (6th in League One and falling), we should have been taking steps to 'cut off the left tail' as a statistician might say (render the worst-case scenarios extremely unlikely).

Despite my obvious reservations, naturally I wish him all the best because I loved him like everyone else as a player, and want Charlton to succeed.

Anyhow, he won't be in charge at Hillsborough tomorrow for a game that ironically might have a very serious bearing on our chances of promotion.

A win for either Colchester or Exeter tonight could see us begin the game outside the top six, whilst the Owls would leapfrog us too with a home win.

The best away scoring record comes up against the best home defensive record (spearheaded by ex-Addick Nicky Weaver), so an interesting game is in store.

Young Liverpool starlet Nathan Eccleston is available, although the impressive way Joe Anyinsah led the line at Spurs suggests Keith Peacock might opt again for 4-5-1 with the loanee on the bench.

During a week that has had me questioning sanity in football circles, one wonders what type of club (Liverpool) agrees to loan one of its most promising prospects without a recall clause (Eccleston) to a club without a manager (Charlton). It's lucky we didn't recruit Roy Hodgson.


At 3:24 PM, Anonymous sillav nitram said...

powel's arrival has generated mass hysteria amongst the faithful something akin to " Waco " and one has to wonder if he asked the fans to commit suicide en masse would they?

I love the man definately a charlton legend but as someone whose glass is generally " half empty " I wonder about his managerial ability but till then it's " chrissy powel's red and White army " .

I do in main agree with your posts, I'm interested in why
you think the board has no money?

At 3:29 PM, Anonymous newyorkaddick said...

I'm fairly confident that the two owners that we know about are not wealthy (in football terms).

If they are just the front men for monied people/entities in the background, I doubt very much that they would want to entrust a larger payroll/transfer budget in the hands of such an inexperienced manager.

At 9:23 AM, Blogger Wyn Grant said...

We know we are not going to get an automatic promotion place this season. One of the key objectives of the new owners is to get more people in the ground and Chris Powell will help to do that. It seems to me that he has a good understanding of football. The main objection seems to be that he is too nice, but a good doesn't have to spend his time effing and blinding and throwing teacups around. I think he is quite capable of being firm. And in eighteen months he will get us up.


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