Friday, August 10, 2012

Life on Mars?

Charlton Athletic have refused to comment on rumours that Tony Jimenez has sneaked on board NASA's Curiosity rover and travelled to Mars.

Newly released grainy images appear to show the Addicks supremo piloting the space vehicle shortly after it landed on Monday.

Having failed this summer to persuade enough players to both sign on a free transfer and play for nothing, Jimenez is now thought to be exploring interplanetary talent.

"Tony has always been a radical thinker when it comes to scouting," admitted a club insider who didn't wish to be named, "...he had become increasingly frustrated last season that Jeff Vetere's contacts were solely Earth-based."

With several midweek home games scheduled in 2012/13, Jimenez is also thought to be attracted to players who have proved they can perform with no atmosphere.

However tricky transfer negotiations may rest on the willingness of the likes of Andy Hughes or Paul Hayes to be a makeweight in a swap deal.

"It was hard enough persuading Hayes to move to Wycombe," he added.


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