Monday, September 24, 2007

Luton preview

A win against Leicester which sounded comfortable rather than emphatic, is followed tomorrow night by a third consecutive Carling Cup tie against lower-league opposition.

As I did for the Colchester game, I watched the surprisingly high-quality video feed for 'Gillette Soccer Saturday' from Sky Sports, presented by the outrageously smooth Jeff Stelling, and his assorted band of recovering alcoholics. This is an interesting and new option for us neglected foreign Addicks.

I also learnt from a Burnley-supporting friend in NYC, that a subscription to one Championship team's audio commentary service permits you to tune in to any team's service. In other words, for about £35 for the season, we will be able to listen to commentary on Charlton's matches (albeit given by a cheerleader for the opposition). I have not tried it yet myself, so I reserve the right to be wrong, although my friend assured me he tuned in to some commentary from The Valley on Saturday to test it out. I believe this option would apply for all matches except the ones against Southampton.

Anyhow, back to matters on the pitch. It is easy to be apathetic about the Carling Cup, especially during its very early stages, but the draw has been kind to us, and with a last sixteen berth firmly within our grasp, we can have distant dreams of Wembley and the UEFA Cup (steady on - Ed.)

My Leicester-supporting friend accused me of hubris on Friday when I suggested that Charlton could field not just one, but two teams, each of which could win the Championship this season. That may not necessarily a) be true, or b) a blessing, since Pards must keep our large squad happy throughout this long season. However before accusing me of overdosing on St John's Wort, take a look at these two potential elevens that Pards could field, and notably neither includes Cory Gibbs, the joker in our pack:

1. Weaver, Mills, Thatcher, Bougherra, Fortune, Reid, Sinclair, Racon, Sam, Todorov, Varney.

2. Randolph, Moutouakil, Powell, McCarthy, Semedo, Ambrose, Holland, Zheng, Thomas, Iwelumo, McLeod.

Kenilworth Road is arguably the most unpleasant football ground in the country, a mismash of stands hemmed in by a railway line and gardens. There's also usually a good reason why a town is best known for its airport, offering as it does a quick and easy escape route. The last time I was there was 2 Jan 1995, arguably the coldest I have ever felt at a football match, warmed up only ever so slightly by a narrow 1-0 win we recorded there.

Following the reunions with Kevin Lisbie and Radostin Kishishev in the past week, we can now complete the 'holy trinity' of recent free transfers, thanks to facing up to Chris Perry, who was somewhat prematurely released at the end of 2005/2006. Despite the likelihood of Pards resting several key players, and despite Luton having some 'form' in this competition (they won it after all in the 1980s), I expect us to continue our strong vein of form.

NY Addick predicts: Luton 0, Charlton 1 (Todorov). Attn: 4,921.


At 5:03 PM, Blogger Mikey126 said...

Coldest, hmm. Fulham away, can't remember the year, but Killer scored. But we were standing near the refreshment hut, where the lady was happy to lace our coffees with brandy, so that can't really count.

What about Orient? Early 80s, played on a Sunday morning for some industrial action-inspired reason. I'd be out drinking with a mate and stayed at his house, so wasn't really properly-clothed for the match, but I tubed my way East regardless. Couldn't find a programme-seller outside the ground despite it being only 20 minutes to kickoff, but at least there was no queue at the turnstile. And just about no-one inside the ground, either. Odd. So I leaned, shivering, on a barrier and waited. And waited. Kick-off time came with perhaps a dozen hardy souls in the ground. No players, mind, and no kick-off. It was about that time that I realised the clocks had gone back and I had another hour to freeze before the game would even start. I so nearly went home. I think it was 1-1, with Paul Elliot scoring, but that could be an ice-crystal-in-the-brain-induced fantasy.

At 10:32 PM, Blogger Chicago Addick said...

I give you Barnsley in 1992. The most freezing ground in the country.

At 4:26 AM, Anonymous SLC Red said...

What about that Villa game in December when Richard Rufus scored an og with his arse. Well. I was cold.

At 9:10 AM, Blogger Wyn Grant said...

You have never been to Leamington on a cold winter's evening when the wind blows across the Warwickshire fields. I liked the reference to 'recovering alcoholics'.


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