Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Pens Mightier Than The Sword

As has been pointed out on other blogs, following Charlton from abroad is a throw back to the old days, when we would eagerly wait for the next day's newspaper, or sit up a tree with a shortwave radio trying to access the World Service.

Even Radio 5 was out of bounds thanks to the distribution of radio rights for the Champions League, and as I possess an IQ greater than 75, Talksport was out of the question.

Hence I was reduced to staring emotionless at the Sky Sports Score Centre, before alas on 85 minutes, I was given the only information I required: Reid, 85 (pen). Cue a shout of "get in" that was somewhat out of place in an office environment. As mindless as it seemed at times, it certainly beat the only realistic alternative: following the BBC text commentary, and learning that Danny Mills had taken a throw-in in the 14th minute.

It is exciting on the one hand, but it's also daft. Surely someone at the club can knock some heads together and give us some audio commentary? I mean we're not asking for much, just Steve Brown and that other fella.

Pards showed he would be no respecter of Premiership reputations, dropping the talents of Thomas and Ambrose, as well as McCarthy and the injured Todorov. The best news of the night occurred before kick-off however, when we learnt that Yassin Moutaouakil's absence was shorter than feared; few players have impressed me on their Charlton debuts as much as the young Frenchman.

Having seen the penalties on Sky Sports News, the first seemed clear-cut (but wholly unnecessary), whilst the second was questionable, but probably irrelevant to the final outcome, a fifth Charlton win in eight competitive fixtures. Andy Reid finished both with aplomb, suggesting he is relishing the confidence that comes with regular football, and an adoring crowd.

So despite the question marks over some performances (especially defensive ones), we nonetheless sit pretty in 3rd place, behind a boorish Watford side and a Bristol City team enjoying their temporary moment of glory. I was criticised for my optimistic views on our chances following the Sheffield Weds game, but we're the class act in this division, make no mistake (and now as narrow as 9/2 to win the title). As the old song you're gonna believe us, we're gonna win the League.


At 2:42 AM, Anonymous Ken J said...

NYA - as I have suggested to CA, since we are reduced to the Stone Age communications-wise, you may want to check out ESPN to follow the match using their 'Gamecast' option

At 2:46 AM, Anonymous SLC Red said...

My wife always poured scorn on my ability to watch an entire evening of football on teletext before the days of the internet.

The BBC Championship Live Scores made my afternoon.

At 9:31 AM, Anonymous Strasburger said...

It is going to be the best season for a long long time at the vally and we "overseas lot" are going to miss it.

I hope something happens, fast.

At 11:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You may wish to drop a line to You will not likely get a reply, but if there is enough flak, perhaps somebody will see the light.

At 2:11 PM, Blogger Chicago Addick said...

Steve Sutherland only cares about how many sugars Reg Varney has in his cup of morning tea. Absolute waste of time.

Classic Charlton, just putting their hands over their ears and shouting la, la, la, la and hope we'll go away.


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