Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Reid all about it

With barely 24 hours left until the transfer window closes, Sky Sports are reporting that Sunderland have upped their bid for Andy Reid to £4million.

The general consensus on the Charlton message boards appears to be firmly against accepting, but I must confess I don't understand their sentiments.

I very much enjoy watching Reidy when the opposition is giving him time to express his obvious talents. He's obviously a decent chap, and it was notable moreover that Martin Jol of all people spoke in last weekend's Sunday Times about his important contribution to team spirit whilst at Spurs.

Unfortunately, it seems Championship teams swiftly cottoned onto the fact that Reid was our talisman, and by snuffing him out, we didn't have a very obvious Plan B. Indeed, when Pards pushed Ambrose into the 'hole' that Reid had been occupying at home to Ipswich, he popped up with two quality goals.

Firstly Reidy is injured and thus of absolutely no use to us presently whatsoever (and moreover has been injury-prone ever since he joined). Indeed, at the age of 25, I am willing to suppose that his 'weight issues' are both unlikely to ever be completely solved, and are likely at least partly correlated to his above injury-proneness. Charlton simply can no longer afford to have expensive players who are also regularly injured (Cory Gibbs? - Ed.).

Second, having captained the side for most of the first half of the season, and with the team clearly being built around him (via the 4-5-1 formation), he generally flattered to deceive, largely due to his lack of mobility, which made him unable to produce the goods either as an outright winger or half of a central midfield duo. As fine a passer of the ball that he is, the whole team was obliged to slow down to his pace.

In short, if he was available for selection on Saturday for example, he would simply not walk back into the side, if only because Andy Gray's arrival makes a 4-4-2 the obvious choice now. Indeed, with Jerome Thomas already on the bench, it's not clear Pards would even find a place in the 16 for him given the importance of Jose Semedo there.

Third, he was signed for £3m in mid-2006 in a transaction between two Premiership sides, yet it appears that Sunderland are willing to claim his value has increased by £1m, despite Charlton's relegation and ongoing injury issues! I would imagine from Charlton's perspective that recruiting Gray, losing Reid, but pocketing a net £2.5m or so would be pretty good January business, not least given our promising current line-up and the former's immediate availability. Unfortunately the reality of relegation implies we must consider all reasonable offers for any of our players.

A comparison was made with Kenwyne Jones whom Roy Keane signed from fellow Championship side Southampton for fully £6million, yet he remained somewhat 'unproven.' However that is precisely the point; Reid is highly unlikely to improve much as a player going forward because of his obvious physical limitations. Jones meanwhile was indeed 'unproven', but with tons of potential, with scope to be the next Didier Drogba. Indeed Keane implied recently that he already was. As any financial trader will tell you, you have to pay up for such options.

Fourth, speaking of Andy Gray, assuming that Sunderland are offering Reidy higher wages, it would be a bit rich (no pun intended) for us to complain about such a strategy given we employed the exact same one to procure the other Andy.

If we remain in the Championship next season, Reid will likely move on anyhow (potentially for less, and probably to one of the promoted sides), whilst if we gain promotion ourselves, he is not necessarily good enough there (he had little impact last time around). He has become something of a (very) round peg in a team full of square holes, and we should be realistic enough to accept the rumoured offer.


At 4:14 AM, Blogger Ken Jennings said...

Your logic, as always, is persuasive.

Just recently Richard Murray was quoted as saying no one was up for sale.

Later, came the codicil about 'not much we can do if a Premiership club comes in for someone' (or words to that effect.)

I thought at the time it was Jerome Thomas that was getting to go - but perhaps it was Reid all along.

He's a favourite of mine, and he would be great to have on the bench (or starting) for certain situations.

But how many of those types of players can we afford?

So-I see the positives of selling him as not limited to, but including:

1)The Moolah

2)Matt Holland's captaincy 'coming out' No more doubt. Much deserved.

3)The rest of the squad getting the nod, "You are good enough"

4)The Moolah

At 9:52 AM, Blogger Rob said...

You are leaving out the fact that since he has been injured we have won only 2 out of 9 games, mostly becasue we cannot break sides down, compared with 10 out of 22 when he was playing.
Second we have no other attacking midfield player who can be as influential as him.
Thirdly, the money is useless for our promotion push unless Pards has another player lined up today, unlikely.

selling him now would be a safety first signal and a message that automatic promotion is not the priority.

Think if WBA sold Gera today what we would think about that

At 10:37 AM, Anonymous Nug said...

As always NYA I totally agree with your argument. I think he's extremely talented and if he was athletically sound he'd be a player in a top 6 premier league side. I think we looked very one dimensional with him in the team, I think ZZ has blossomed alongside Holland since his injury. Where as Reid always looks for a killer ball, ZZ keeps the play moving which keeps us possession, no surprise to me since we've settled on 4-4-2 our football has been much better. If fit I don't know where he'd play, not quick enough to play wide and for me at the moment could only replace ZZ if he's injured but do you let £4m sit on the bench when Ambrose could play that role and still excited about Racon.

At 11:45 AM, Blogger Daggs said...

Will he go ? Possibly
Should he go ? Absolutely not!
He is technically our best player, if Holland or ZZ were injured we would have no replacement.
When played centrally he runs the game.
Receiving £4M today will not help us as there is no time to spend it!
IF we get promoted he will be vital to us. Particularly while we rebuid again!

At 11:57 AM, Blogger Daggs said...

Since typing that, the club have announced Reid is in talks with Sunderland, and they are also looking to bring in Halford on loan.
So it looks like farewell then. I hope we don't regret this decision.

At 1:35 PM, Blogger Kings Hill Addick said...

Couldn't agree more. He doesn't have the fitness/endurance to last a whole season and I doubt he will play another ten games between now and the summer. Great player, but just can't be trusted to be there (fit to play) when you need him.

At 3:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm with Rob (above) on this one. 1 win from 9 after his injury is proof enough that we need him. He brings something that few others in the division can bring - creativity - and while that gets stifled sometimes and while that exposes us at the back sometimes, it's something that others in the division have difficulty coping with. I still struggle to accept the "oh, he wants to leave for a better club" argument. Seems like 6 months from now, if he stays and we go up, Charlton could once again be a division above Sunderland. NYA, your argument about losing value in the next 6 months doesn't hold. See e.g. Darren Bent.

At 10:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To add to the list of positives and negatives with reid he was always prepared to shoot and was pretty accurate, it was noticable that there was a lack of confidence about shooting in the game against Stoke, Zi Zi, Gray Ambrose Big Chris all hesitated and had shots blocked as a result.
On balance the money is very attractive. Grab it


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