Saturday, February 09, 2008


Frankie Valley is on loan to New York Addick.


Its just gone ten, and I'm sitting on a train full of nigels all singing their heads off, presumably delighted at having got away with only a two-nought tonking despite being completely out-classed:. They're happy, we're happy - everybody's happy. Isn't football just great?.

Team of the Eighties - that's what some comedian once dubbed them. Well tonight Palace fielded a strike force of Scowcroft Morrison Freedman and Kuqi, who all look like they probably had their best years back in the eighties. What happened to all them much-vaunted Palace kids that Warnock has been talking up eh? Presumably not quite as good as he thought they were. Looks like another false dawn in Croydon to me. Team of the Eighties - phnar phnar.

Nice easy ride for our defence then, against an assortment of rotund crumblies . In fact the only cause for concern was that we might pick up some nasty injuries after the first goal went in and a few of the Palace Fatties completely lost it. Mercifuily it looks like no serious damage has been done. After the Colchester and Scunthorpe debacles it was good to see us finally stand up to one of the poorer sides in Tier Two and get a result. We didn't get out-muscled, we didn't get dragged down to their level, we kept our heads, we played our football and we did the business. Brilliant.

Who gets the plaudits? Well I'm going to doff my cap to those twelve brave souls in the Jimmy Seed Stand who stuck it out to the bitter end, long after their 2,000-odd compatriots had legged it back to Croydon. It takes a certain stoicism to do that. Or maybe they thought their heroes could salvage something in those final ten minutes? In which case, substitute 'stoicism' with 'dumb-arsed stupidity'.

And tonight's top plonker? Its gotta be that shrinking violet Mister Simon Jordan. Very disappointed that he didn't give us a wave or anything. Its over six months now since he last took us to court - he must be losing his touch. And whatever happened to his burgeoning TV career, as a B-list celebrity charmless bastard entrepreneur? Simes my friend - you've been far too quiet for far too long.. The truth is, all us Addicks we're missing you something awful....


At 6:56 AM, Blogger JH said...

Nice post Frankie. Have you ever considered writing your own blog?

At 9:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please come back Frankie all is forgiven Horsham & Charlton need you. they took a collection at the ROD and raised 99p in a matter of hours. should they run it for a month they could nearly double it.

At 12:58 PM, Anonymous Robinalong said...

..and best of all we saw Jordan walking out to the main road surrounded by heavy charlton security - no danger to him though, the chants from the charlton faithful of "Jordan Jordan whats the score" were enough - his faith looked like thunder - a priceless moment for any charlton fan. Please come back Frankie !!!!

At 6:10 PM, Blogger Ken Jennings said...

Reading this once familiar style has returned a certain symmetry to the universe.


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