Sunday, February 17, 2008


Frankie Valley is on loan to New York Addick.

Stoke and Watford eh? The cream is rising to the top, just like it always does. And in this case its clotted. Thick, heavy and lumpy...

With one exception. Tommy Smith. A pearl among swine. He really gave Youga the run-around yesterday, and is perhaps one of only two or three players I've seen in Tier Two this season who could hold their own in the Prem.

Turning point in yesterdays game? Immediately before the re-start, while we we were haphazardly straggling back on to to the pitch in twos and threes following our tea and biscuits with Pards, the Horns were out in the centre of the pitch in a huddle, eleven players plus manager, getting themselves all fired up for forty-five minutes of physical attrition. It was quite obvious that the kitchen sink was about to come flying through the air in our direction....

And the name of that kitchen sink was Danny Shittu. Serves us right I suppose, for goading him after his own goal in the first half. What goes around comes around, as they say.

Were we ready for that second-half onslaught? Were we really up for it? Er, no. I'm not sure our heroes were in the right frame of mind for those first ten minutes after the break. And once we'd lost it, we couldn't find it again. A bit lucky to be two-nought up at half-time, and very lucky to hold out for a point in the end.

Any good things from yesterday? Halford, McCarthy (again), Holland (again), Varney. And Cook looked quite lively too.

Any bad things from yesterday? Weaver, Youga, Sam.

One dire thing from yesterday? Fortune.

And one really embarrassingly shambolic thing from yesterday? Jerome Thomas. Comes on as a sub, and immediately gets sent back to the bench to remove his coloured under-shorts. STOOPID EEJIT. In any other walk of life this moron would have been sacked months ago. But this is professional football, so we carry on paying him thousands of pounds every week for doing bugger all. AARGH! Twenty minutes of watching Jerome Thomas, and I find myself in need of another session with Doctor Kish...


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